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I'm an integrative Supervisor offering a collaborative approach, emphasising support and exploration. I use a number of theoretical models, including the Psychodynamic, Attachment, Relational and creative approaches. I prioritise discussions on the client-therapist relationship.


I provide a 15-minute consultation, work with diverse issues and clients, and offer both face-to-face and online sessions.

About me and my supervision practice:

Supervision with me is a collaborative space where we discuss anything that impacts your client work. 

I view supervision as an activity that is supportive, exploratory and educative.

As I am trained integratively, I tend to use a range of theoretical models to inform my thinking and apply to the material you bring to supervision. 


Practice description:

You are encouraged to feel comfortable enough to bring anything to supervision.

This may be directly related to client sessions, but it may also include things that are more personal to you as I believe that we cannot compartmentalise ourselves.


Given that we are integrated beings, personal matters can impact our work. Therefore I view this as 'mill for the grist'. However we will always bring the discussion back to the client and how your mterial may impact your work with the client, and vice versa.

Discussions about the dynamic between you and your client - the relationship between you - is of the utmost importance to our discussions within supervision. 

My integrative pallette includes attachment theory, psychodynamic thinking, CBT, TA, relational and person-centred approaches. I also include a creative thought process and may suggest anything from visualisation to journalling to play-doh for ways of working with clients as well as talking therapy. But this is for you the counsellor to take or leave as you see fit - ultimately, you know your clients better than I. 

Above all, supervision is your space to talk about your work, and so you are in the driving seat. 

My first session:

I do offer a 15min video consultation to enable us to see if we feel we connect and feel comfortable enough together to undertake the work.

In our initial full session we will undertake a brief assessment, before you use the rest of the time to speak about your caseload or any burning issue that need airing. All sessions are 60 minutes face to face / video time.

Areas I have experience of supervising:

Adults, Young people, EAP, Groups, Older adults, Organisations, Trainees.

How I deliver supervision:

Online via Teams or Skype; Face-to-face work.


Languages spoken:



£75 per hour

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