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About Indu Khurana:

Integrative Psychotherapist & Coach

I bring 25+ years experience of providing Psychotherapy, Coaching, and Supervision. Groupwork facilitation and Mental Health Consultancy also feature in my portfolio career.

I am passionate about seeing the individual in front of me in their entirety. I recognise the inter-relational nature of our systems as well as the systems we live within. 

Indu Khurana Psychotherapist
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  • ​Qualified Psychotherapist and Coach

  • 25+ years of experience in a range of issues & in a variety of organisations / settings

  • Personal experience of working with autoimmune conditions including Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

I specialise in helping people with the following areas:

  • Life transitions (changes in identity, in relationships, resilience levels, anxiety & stress etc)

  • Long-term health conditions (loss, anxiety, stress, identity changes, prejudice etc)

  • Cultural issues (anxiety, stress, loss, grief, equality/ prejudice, low self esteem etc)

Having gained a diagnosis of MS myself a few years ago, after receiving an incorrect diagnosis 25 years prior, I have an insider's knowledge of dealing with symptoms that don't make sense, learning to care for my own health holistically and naturally, learning to understand what my body was saying, and learning the pivotal role of my mental health processes in my physical health manifestations. Added to this, I learnt a lot about the health system as a patient and a worker as my psychotherapy work took me into the NHS as a staff member.

With my background in Psychotherapy and Coaching that spans almost 3 decades, I have become deeply interested in holistic and integrated health. I have personally experienced the positive impact of addressing my mental health in order to improve my physical health. My years of learning in all these areas underpins all my work. 

I have extensive personal experience of working with autoimmune conditions and in particular, with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). So, I really understand, from the inside-out, your daily struggles. I can guide and support you with your health condition so that your journey is made a little easier than it might be otherwise, so you can feel in better control of your health, and thus life. 

There is nothing more motivating for me than seeing others facing major transitions like a health condition such as MS, or relationship changes, living a better life and feeling in charge of their story rather than at life's mercies.

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Contact me to speak about your needs

I offer holistic and integrated Psychotherapy, Coaching, Supervision, Group facilitation and Mental Health Consultation services.


I specialise in transitions of all sorts, including health changes, issues of loss and grief, stress and anxiety relief, and at the heart of these, resilience rebuilding.

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