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How it begins

Creativity came into my life, as it does for most of us, during my childhood but was quickly laid aside and forgotten when life circumstances got in the way. I became an older child, transitioned into the angst of my teens and then young adulthood, before further responsibility was piled upon my back in older adulthood. Along with this additional responsibility, I gained a set of symptoms that were a reflection of the dry husk I had become but did not yet know. A thread of creativity had run through my life since my teens but I had no sense of it as anything more than a passing hobby. About 15 years ago I impulsively decided to enroll on a Masters programme to further my career progression. This reconnected me to many aspects of myself that in effect refreshed and moisturized the dry husk of my being, in part through the use of play and creativity. Since then, I have dabbled in different forms of creativity and found it to be my salvation on a number of fronts. In these intervening years, as well as  building a career and a business, I have battled to manage a set of symptoms that have confounded the medical world until recently. I have sought supportive and empowering forums so that I did not feel alone with the symptoms or could learn more about them. But the only things that were available seemed to foster a state of victimhood that appalled and repulsed me at the same time. Out of this necessity, I have honed my intuition and become my own natural wellbeing doctor. Almost 2 years ago, I was handed the diagnosis that labelled me as having Multiple Sclerosis. Because I have been my own doctor for so long, and because of the lack of appropriate support available for me, I have decided to combine my learnings, experiences and skills into a package of empowering support for others to benefit from. That has been my journey. What has been your journey and where has it brought you? Share your thoughts below.


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