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Time to Talk

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Many people still think they shouldn't wash their laundry in public, although there are now many who would question what that actually means. As with many other things, we have a more defined split in society over the issue.

Which group do you belong to?

If you are in the group that has been handed down the teaching about laundry, it might be worth knowing that talking with a trusted person can help to offload some of the intensity of the feelings you may be holding inside. It can also help to feel connected to another person and the world at large, as holding feelings inside on your own can lead to a sense of isolation and as though you are dealing with things alone. This results in a disconnection which can in turn affect our moods in unhealthy ways. Sometimes, talking things through with another person can help you to think of solutions for a problem that might not have occurred to you by keeping things inside.

It can leave you feeling a sense of relief, a lightness, of sharing and being cared for. It can lift your mood just that little bit, that feels enough to keep you from the brink of something bigger. Talking can help your mental health as well as general health.

The person you talk to doesn't have to be a friend or family, although sometimes it can be. Many people prefer to talk to an outsider, a person they feel comfortable with but who is outside of their own life as that position can give them other perspectives.

Care for yourself enough to talk. Make time to talk. Today.

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