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More than one way to skin a grape.

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Screenshot of a motivational post by Katy Leeson

As a business – of any size – there is a considerable pressure to undertake a regular tirade of marketing. When you represent a larger company, the load is spread. With a smaller company or sole trader, the whole load sits on your shoulders. Most people and businesses get caught up in this forever without much thought – and why not? – they’ve got to compete with the big ’uns.

The last line of @KatyLeeson’s little quote at the top resonates with me as I believe that there is more than one way to skin a grape. You can indeed work hard without overworking yourself: And that is from pressing the pause button on a few things.

As my business is all about human beings, it would be quite a major schism in my value base if I professed to look after my fellow humans and to take their contexts into account in that process, but to not offer that to myself.

You haven’t heard from me in a little while, especially in terms of marketing the business, because essentially I’ve been taking care of myself and my business in the background. How have I been doing that?

I have been bedding down the work started with some new clients, focusing on them to ensure that our early work settles into a steady rhythm. I have also been working hard to develop the first incarnation of content for my brand spanking new and delicious website, as well as helping my designer ( ) find the right pictorial representations of my offerings so that my website is accessible and interesting. I have changed the day job so that my working week can better accommodate my new business.

All this takes time and energy. To that end, I’ve had to step away from a few activities temporarily so that I could give these important things my undivided attention. But now I am ready to be outward-facing once more, connecting with new people and existing contacts. But I felt it important to share some of my context so that you can see that my business and I are not flaky. It also highlights the fact that even when we appear to disappear from view, considerable work is usually going on in the background. This transparency and authenticity I share with you here are also what I offer to my clients.

So if you know of anyone struggling with their mental health in the current climate, someone who might appreciate these qualities in the people they seek support from, I hope you’ll let them know about me and my business.


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