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Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Doubting ourselves is a crushing activity that many of us engage in. It usually links to us future-gazing and trying to pre-empt what’s coming. Even though we know we can’t foretell the future. But we seem to get carried away in this activity and it leads to doubt. In more extreme cases, it can lead to anxiety, poor self-confidence and low self-esteem.

So whenever you catch yourself doing this, I invite you to pause, take a deep breath and actually look at what you are doing to yourself. Look at how you hurt yourself through this doubt. Consider the word FAITH.

Faith is rooted in believing that you can do something, you can win at something, you are good enough just as you are. Faith is grounded in the past where we all have lots of evidence ready-gathered to show us when we have achieved things, when we have won, and when we have been good enough. We even have evidence of when we have been better than good enough.

Doubting is inaccurate and achieves nothing but self-destruction. Dwell in faith; in having faith in yourself.

A quote from the prophet by kahlil gibran


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